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Solar Edge 6kW Inverter & GivEnergy All in one 13.5kWh Battery Storage

Clapham Park, Bedfordshire


What did we Install? 

- GivEnergy Gateway (12 Year Warranty)  

- GivEnergy All in One 13.5kWh Battery (12 Year Warranty) 

- Solar Edge 6kW Solar PV Inverter (12 Year Warranty)

- 18 X Solar Edge S500B Optimisers (25 Year Warranty)

18 X JA Solar 440W Bi Facial Solar Panels  (25 Year Warranty)

How long did it take? 

- 4 Days 


We were approached by this Customer to reduce their Bills and become independent from the Grid whilst being Green. 

We worked very closely together with every option possible to achieve this.  

The Customer opted for 18 X 440W JA Solar Panels using a Solar Edge Inverter paired with Solar Edge Optimisers to maximise their output. 

We also installed a GivEnergy All in One which offers Island Mode so the Property can still operate during the event of a power cut. 

The GivEnergy All in One has a capacity of 13.5kWh with 100% Depth of Discharge. This has a Peak output of 32A. 

This installation was approved with UK Power Networks for a full 12kW Export, allowing the Homeowner to make use of the Peak Export windows to maximise their profits. 

On completion the Homeowner received their Handover Pack which included: 

- Product Data Sheets

- Product Warranties 

- Electrical Certificates & Building Control Notifications 

- MCS Certificate

- Insurance Backed Guarantee  


This Installation cost the Homeowner £10K - £15K in January 2024. 

With an expected payback period of 12 Years. 

Let's take a look at some of the figures below. 

As part of our Proposal we gather Monthly Consumption and also Monthly Solar Generation, from this we create a graph making it easier to see exactly how each will affect the other. 

This system was oversized as the Client wanted as many Solar Panels on the Roof as possible, hence the payback period being so high. 


The Solar PV alone will reduce the Clients annual Electricity Bill from £ 1,458.16 to being £1,035.49 in credit each year! 

The Proposal also gives an insight into how much Electricity will be Imported and Exported, giving you an indication whether you would benefit from having a Battery or not. 




Lewis fitted a new Solar System for me earlier this year.
The work included the fitment of 18 solar panels, an Inverter and a large battery.

Lewis exceeded my expectations in all aspects of his work. He did everything he promised, he was punctual, cleaned and tidied up after every visit and the work was completed on time.

If that wasn’t enough, Lewis is always available to provide me with help and support regarding any aspect of my newly installed Solar System.

I would I not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is thinking of installation solar panels.

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