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Here at LB Electrical we are proud to be a part of MCS, RECC and NICEIC. To ensure each of our Customers receive the best quality in our installation and products. We have an annual inspection to keep the standards high, we also offer Workmanship Warranty on our installations. 

The demand for Solar Panels has increased rapidly over the years due to a number of reasons, and benefits

- Solar Panels have become more affordable

- People are more conscious about green energy and the environmental impact 

- The cost of energy increasing  

- Solar Panels are maintenance free 

- Solar Panels add value to your Property 

- Excess Solar can be bought back by the Utility companies

- 0% VAT 

MCS Microgeneration Certificate Scheme


It's simple, just get in contact with us and we will come and do a site visit to discuss your requirements and the various options available

We will then go away and design a system tailored to you based on your usage and available roof space. 

We give a wide range of options on products depending on budget and location, we explain in great detail the pros and cons of each product. 

Once we agree on a suitable design we can then start pricing, up to this point all of our hard work is FREE! So what's the harm in allowing us to design you a system today? 

Once a price is agreed and accepted we can get to work, the majority of our installs can be done in a day, although there is no rush, we like to make sure the system owner knows all the fine details about their new power station before completion. 


Here is a list of some of the key components that makes up the system for Solar Panels to provide you with free electricity: 

- Solar Panels, these really do all the work, capturing those rays of sunshine. Panels typically come with a 12 year warranty and a 25 year linear output warranty. That's more than some TVs! 

- Inverter, this clever device converters to DC electricity from the Solar Panels and converts it into AC electricity for us to use. 

- Optimisers, these are a game changer when it comes to shaded installations. If a shadow were to be cast on a single Solar Panel in an array of 20 Panels, all of the Panels would be affected. However, with the use of an optimiser, it will isolate that 1 Panel and allow the others to continue generating power. 

- Bird Guard, this is an underrated part of the installation. Solar Panels provide a great shelter for pigeons and other pests to live and lay eggs. Over time this could damage your Panels, cabling and even your roof. A great solution. 

SolarEdge PV Solar Panel Array

Previous versions of Solar Panels did not look the greatest, but with demand high, the manufacturers have really thought about presentation of Panels. 

You can get various shapes and sizes, Black frames instead of silver, and also an all black Panels instead of the old Blue. 

The way they are installed can also be adapted to make them much more pleasing to the eye. The rail that Panels sit on now come in Black as well as Silver, the clamps that hold the panels down are in Black. 

You can get a Solar skirt which is a Black surround that blends the Panels to the roof. 

There is 2 methods of fixing to the roof, on roof and in roof. The biggest difference is looks. The other benefit to an in roof system is the weight in tiles that come off your roof.

We only use a range of trusted Brands that offer great warranty and Customer support after and pre sales. Some of those brands can be found to the Right. 

If you're interested in how Solar Panels work then check out the LINK

Solar Panels are a great investment that can really save you money and increase the value of your property. 

Make sure you choose your installer correctly! You will not be able to apply for SEG payments (money for Solar sold back to your utility provider) unless your system was installed by an MCS installer, like us. 


With over 18 Years experience in Design, Installation & Testing in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. 

Are you ready for a free Design and Quotation? 

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