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Do Solar Panels need maintaining?

Do Solar Panels require maintenance?

A common question asked by Customers that we are installing Solar Panels for is, Do they require any maintenance

For the Panels to perform at their best and for most warranties to be valid then yes, Panels will need maintaining. Solar Panels are relatively easy to keep clean, the frequency will depend on location, rainfall, pollution levels and the angle of installation, the less of an angle they are installed at then the more frequently cleaning should be carried out. 

Cleaning Solar Panels should NOT be done with the following: 

  • High Pressure water 

  • Acidic or Alkaline Cleaning solutions 

  • Hot weather 

Not only does the Solar Panels need to be maintained but the whole system too, these things include: 

  • Fasteners are secure, tight and free from corrosion

  • Electrical connections are secure, tight, clean and free of corrosion

  • The mechanical integrity of the cables is intact

  • Bonding points to ground are tight, secure and free from corrosion


It is just as important to maintain the Inverter to ensure efficiency and adhere to the terms of the Warranty. 

Maintenance will differ from each Manufacturer, most will recommend the Inverter is to remain dust free to ensure the Inverter can dissipate heat effectively, this will extend its life span. 

It is sensible to also have the electrical connections checked to ensure they are secure, tight, clean and free from corrosion. 

Check out 'Solar Panel Bird Guard Installation' to protect your investment from pests. We offer Servicing & Bird Proofing across Bedfordshire.

Cleaning Solar Panels on Residential Properties can be easier and more accessible than cleaning Solar Panels on Commercial Properties due to the height restrictions and the dangers they present. 

What Services do we offer? 

At LB Electrical we offer the following:

- Solar Panel Compliance check 

- Solar Panel relocation 

- Solar Panel decommissioning 

- Replace faulty Solar Panels 

- Replace Solar Panels for higher output 

- Solar Panel Cleaning


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