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Car Chargers

Car Charger installation has grown rapidly in the past few years, and lots have manufacturers have been investing in Research and Development to bring out the best Car Charger. 

The need for Electric Vehicle Chargers will only increase to the lead up of the UK banning the sale of Petrol & Diesel cars by 2035

The regulations overseeing Car Charger installations changed very quickly early on to ensure that end users were fully protected against the risk of electric shock. The regulations and technology has been stable for some time now to rest assured that investing in a car charger you wont have to update it in 6 months time. 

Initially the use of Earth Spikes were mandatory which brings its own risks of hitting other services in the ground which cannot be seen, with this in mind manufacturers worked hard to bring out Car Chargers that have safety features built in eliminating the need for Earth Spikes. 

There are many Makes and Models of Car Chargers on the market depending on your taste, budget and use. Some Car Chargers come in Single of Three Phase giving you a maximum of 22KW. Other have features like whole home monitoring, or Solar integration where the Car Charger can charge your vehicle solely from the Sun, allowing you to travel on pure Green energy! 


There are  Government grants available for the installation of EV Chargers: 

Electric vehicle chargepoint grant for renters and flat owners - Due to end March 2025 

Electric vehicle infrastructure grant for staff and fleets - Due to end March 2025

Electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants for landlords - Due to end March 2025 

Workplace Charging Scheme

How long does it take to charge an Electric Vehicle?

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle is dependant on quite a few factors, like: 

- Battery temperature

- Current charge

- Battery size

- Size of charging cable

- Size of Charger 

- Vehicle charge settings 

But you don't want to know all that, so let's take a Tesla Model Y as an example. This has a battery capacity of 75 kWh. Lets assume the battery is flat, we shall compare the different chargers and speed it takes to charge: 

Granny Charger (Socket outlet) - 36 Hours or 8 miles per hour

3.6kW Charger - 22 Hours or 13 miles per hour

7.2kW Charger - 12 Hours or 25 miles per hour 

22kW - 8 Hours or 40 miles per hour 






Tesla Wallconnector


Myenergi Zappi

Lets take a look at some Car Charger we like to install 


Myenergi Zappi

Installing the Myenergi Zappi is always a pleasure, there is plenty of room for a nice and neat cable entry along with space inside to terminate the cable without any issues unlike other brands. 

The Zappi is a smart charger enabling the user to charge from Solar, Grid or both! The charger is flexible to meet the charging needs of the user. 


The very easy to use and user friendly app allows you to charge your vehicle from 100% green energy. You can also schedule charges to enable off peak charging. 


This charger comes in either a 7kW model or a 22kW model. It can also be tethered or untethered, and if you don't like Black then is comes in White too!  

Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector always looks great wherever it is installed. It is simple, sleek and subtle. 

This charger comes in either the 7kW or 22kW models. The Wall Connector only features the tethered cable. 

The Tesla app allows you to schedule and track you charging. 

The face can also be change from White to either Red, Black, Blue or Silver to suit your taste. 

This charger is not just for Teslas, this will charge any Electrc Vehicle 



The Andersen charger is one of the best looking chargers on the Market. They have really thought about the user and how a charger can be discreet and customisable. 

The charging cable is fully concealed within the charger. These chargers are compatible with Solar enabling you to get the most from your Solar installation. 

The cover has 247 of different finishes from Wood, Metal and special edition facias. 

This charger is the only one we have seen with a built in convenient Light, making charging your vehicle even safer during dark nights. 


The Andersen comes in either 7kW or 22kW.


The Hypervolt really looks the part, the LEDs have various modes, including Party Mode, 
Halloween Mode, and a lot more. Or if you don't want to disturb the Neighbours then just put it into stealth mode and turn all LEDs off. 

This comes in 3 different colours, White, Black & Grey. 

Hypervolt also gives you 3 different options in cable length. 

Hypervolt claim their charger is indestructible. 





Just had home ev charger fitted by Lewis ( lb electrical) very pleased with the installation, done promptly and professionally very good job , highly recommend.





I have used LB Electrical on several occasions now. I found them from a Facebook post for our village when I required an EV Charger installed. I went with LB Electrical because it was clear they had the knowledge and experience of what was required for this type of work. I also had a replacement consumer unit installed at the same time. Recently I needed wiring installed for some bathroom mirrors and a Ring floodlight camera installed, something I planned to do myself but never got round to it. I continue going back to them because they are extremely knowledgeable and always provide an excellent service. They are competitively priced and will do the work that is required to the highest standards.


Lewis helped with wiring for my PodPoint, he was professional, timely and tidy. He talked me through my options and was reliable. Would recommend him and would go to him with future work.




What Services do we offer? 

At LB Electrical we offer the following:

- Free Car Charger Survey 

- Car Charger Installation 

- Car Charger compliance check 

- DNO applications 

- Car Charger upgrades

- Car Charger relocation  


With over 18 Years experience in Design, Installation & Testing in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. 

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Are you ready for a free Design and Quotation? 

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