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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT, is a test carried out on a piece of Electrical equipment that is not fixed, it is portable, so it can be unplugged. There are many interpretations of what a portable appliance is, taken from The Requirements for Electrical Installation BS7671, the definition of a portable appliance or mobile equipment is: ' Electrical Equipment which is moved while in operation or which can easily be moved from one place to another while connected to the supply.'


Is PAT Testing a requirement?

Electrical Equipment that is moved more frequently would be at greater risk of damage or degradation. It is therefore important for this to be carried out to prevent Electrical accidents. This could be a Workplace, a School, a Gym, a Leisure Centre. 

Portable Appliance Testing is usually carried out every 12 Months but can vary, some insurance companies will make this a requirement. It is good practice to keep your staff and visitors safe from appliance that is being supplied. 

Some items may include: 

Hairdryers, Printers, Computers, Laptops, Card Machines, Chargers, Fridges, Kettles, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Toasters, Coffee Machines, Treadmills, Water Dispensers, Power Tools, Extensions Leads, Lawnmowers, Strimmers.   

How much does a PAT Test cost? 

Cost of testing will vary due to the number of items and the location. But generally speaking these are what we charge: 

First 40 Items - £75

After the first 40 items we charge a flat rate starting from £1 per item depending on the quantity. 

We are fully insured, DBS checked and are members of the NICEIC. 

Replacement of Plug Tops are done free of charge along with changing Fuses for the correct size. 


What Services do we offer? 

At LB Electrical we offer the following:

- One off PAT testing 

- Contract based PAT testing  

- Recommendations on improvements to electrical safety 

- Certification  




B&W Waste Management have been using LB Electrical Services LTD for many years, for our electrical requirements, ranging from Installations, 5 yearly Electrical Installation Inspection reports to PAT Testing. Lewis always provides a faultless service and is incredibly professional at all times. Health & Safety is always a priority and his knowledge and experience have allowed him to provide a cost effective solution to any electrical issues that we have experienced. We can highly recommend LB Electrical Services LTD.


With over 18 Years experience in Design, Installation & Testing in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. 

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Are you ready for a free Design and Quotation? 

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