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GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter with 19kWh Battery Storage

​Eastcote, Northamptonshire

What did we Install? 

- GivEnergy 3.68kW Hybrid Inverter (12 Year Warranty)  

- 2 X GivEnergy 9.5kWh Batteries (12 Year Warranty) 

- GivEnergy Electric Vehicle Charger (3 Year Warranty) 

How long did it take? 

- 2 Days for 2 People


We were contacted by this Customer as his existing Solar PV Inverter was getting old, it had been installed over 10 years ago. 

It's efficiency was dropping so the Customer thought this would be an ideal opportunity to upgrade the Inverter and also incorporate Batteries into the system. 

With all the Consumption history for the past few years along with the Solar generation over the past few years too, we were able to tailor the installation to meet the demands of the Homeowner whilst also making sure the payback period is sensible. 

We were able to present many different options of Manufacturers to allow the Customer to decide on their preferred choice. 


The Hybrid Inverter was relocated to the Garage, as the old Inverter was situated in the Loft. Inverters do not like hot places, they generate heat themselves and require adequate ventilation, making a Loft space less than ideal.  

The Batteries for this Customer is designed to be charged from Solar PV during the day and used in the Evening/ Night, once depleted the Battery will then be charged using an off peak rate to see them through until the Solar starts to charge the Batteries once again. 

With the GivEnergy Cloud it enables the installer to monitor the system and make changes if required. 

As the installer I offer support and advise the Homeowner on how to maximise their savings and use the equipment to the full. 

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