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Tigo TS4 Optimiser TS4-A-O Add on/ Retrofit

Tigo TS4 Optimiser TS4-A-O Add on/ Retrofit


The TS4-A-O (Optimization) is the advanced add-on/retrofit optimization solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules for higher reliability. Improve energy efficiency by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features to new installations.


The TS4-A-O with UHD-Core technology and expanded specifications supports PV modules up to 700W and a current of 15 A


Tigo optimisers work with ANY inverter with at least one MPPT


- Easy Installation
- Snap to standard module frame or remove brackets for rack mounting
- Smart Commissioning
- Configure and commission with your Android or iOS mobile device


Optimizers that do not have an internet connection have a limited warranty promise of 5 years. In combination with the CloudConnect Kit (CCA), the warranty increases to 25 years.

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